How To Enjoy RYUS Takeout Ramen Part 2 – Make Magic Happen In Ramen

Would you get tired of having ramen too often? I would never! It’s because ramen ranges in a wide variety of flavors and it is available with many toppings.

I would like to share some more advanced ways to eat ramen to break away from your simple order.

Did you know we have these bunch of toppings?

One of the best things about ramen is that you can customize it and enjoy different flavors in one bowl. It’s a shame to not add anything to your ramen when you can enjoy the magic in it!

The most common toppings for Ramen in general would be

-Seasoned Egg

-Pork/Chicken Chashu

-Bamboo Shoot

They go with all types of ramen broth. They are all homemade and prepared fresh everyday! If you haven’t tried them, you should definitely try them out.

If you are not sure what you should add to your ramen, we suggest recommended toppings for each ramen. You just follow it 😉

This time we would like to introduce some unique magic that you can do with adding toppings. We are going to share our recommended ways to enjoy our Miso ramen, Shoyu ramen and Taiwanese ramen.

Miso Ramen + Corn($1.00), Truffle Oil($0.50)
Miso Potage Rame + Corn($1.00), Truffle Oil($0.50) For Vegetarians

Corn usually comes on top and truffle oil come on the side. Corn is one of the toppings most commonly used in miso ramen. The sweetness matches miso very well. But have you heard of miso ramen with truffle oil? Trust us, they really go well together. After you tasted the original broth, fancy it up with truffle oil and unveil the richness.

It will be a completely different bowl of ramen! It will teleport you to a high restaurant for an extra dollar.

Shoyu Ramen + Seasoned Egg($1.50), Sweet & Spicy Ginger Paste($0.25)
Our Shoyu ramen has the rich, creamy broth. If it’s getting a little heavy for you, it’s about time to add sweet & spicy ginger paste to make it refreshing. You would want to finish all the broth.

Taiwanese Ramen + Wakame($1.00), Poached Egg($1.50)
Sometimes you crave both light and creamy ramen at the same time, don’t you? If you can do spicy, you should definitely go for this combination. Whenever you want to make the broth creamy, break egg yolk!

TIP) You don’t want to add a topping sauce from the first bite! Topping sauces come on the side, so please enjoy the original taste first then add a sauce!

Get away from the simple order and try adding some of these toppings to create a new depth of flavor!