How To Enjoy RYUS Takeout Ramen

Rich Shio Ramen with Toppings
We would like to introduce you RYUS original way to enjoy ramen! Ramen is not something Japanese people usually enjoy at home, except cup noodles or instant noodles. Both cup noodles and instant noodles are cheap and come in a wide variety, so people love having it at home. When it comes to gourmet ramen cooked by a chef, it’s not common to take out and enjoy at home. When we think about eating ramen, we come up with only an idea of dine-in. Because the best condition of ramen is fresh prepared, at restaurants they will serve you a bowl of ramen steaming hot and you need to eat it right away. So it is pretty hard to find a ramen restaurant which offers takeout option. However, since this pandemic some restaurants have started takeout ramen to survive in this difficult time apparently.
But we’re in Canada and in quarantine, why don’t you enjoy our authentic ramen at home! We have considered how to enjoy ramen in the best way at home. This time we introduce to you how to eat our most popular Rich Shio Ramen with seasoned egg and wakame properly at home. The seasoned egg and wakame go well with our Rich Shio Ramen. We have more topping options!

For your information, you can order our ramen via
* Takeout (call ahead, mobile order or walk in)
* Uber Eats
* Door Dash
* Ritual (only at Queen)
Let’s get down to the RYUS original ways to eat ramen!
First of all, of course we serve the broth and the noodles separately, so that the noodles don’t easily get soggy.
1. Wash your hands with soap (You don’t want the virus!)

2. Open the lids
If the soup is not hot enough you can microwave it for 2 mins.
(We try our best to serve it in the best temperature)

3. Pour the soup over the noodles

4. Loosen the noodles up

5. Enjoy the aroma of the soup (If you are a ramen geek, you don’t only enjoy the taste!)
6. Take a sip of the broth

Drinking from bowl is absolutely okay!!
7. SLURP the noodles!
This is really important to enjoy broth and noodles together. It also helps to cool it down. If you slurp noodles, you are a PRO!!
Make noise, make a mess! That’s totally fine. Especially when you eat it at home, you don’t need to worry about other people looking at you.
TIP: Eat it while it’s HOT!! If you finish it under 15 minutes, good job!
If the soup is left when all the noodles are eaten up, you could add rice into it, you can enjoy it like risotto.
Next time we will introduce some more advanced ways to eat ramen.