Take an Orizuru as a lucky charm

To our customers,


Thank you for your continued patronage and enjoyment of our meals. Although the difficult situation of the COVID-19 continues, we have to live with hope.
Recently, you may have noticed we have been adding a paper crane to your orders. We would like to share the meaning of the paper crane with you. In Japan, paper cranes symbolize peace and hope. It has long been said that “cranes are auspicious birds” representing happiness and long life, so paper cranes are often given as a charm for good health, longevity and as a prayer for recovery.

Our manager is working hard to fold a crane for our customers.


All the staff are also folding cranes one by one.


So we wished to give something back to you, not only to show our appreciation, but to also share out thoughts and prayers during this difficult situation.
Even in the situation, Everyone at RYUS makes delicious ramen every day to make you happy.


This is our recommended ramen (RYUS Rich Shio Ramen).


We look forward to serving you again in the future.
Thank you for reading and your continued support.