[RYUS Back Patio Grand Opening] Announcing RYUS Giant 100oz Tower Pitcher!


If you like it, we recommend that you come with 3-4 people. For those who want to have a beer first, how about the RYUS back patio? , just opened in June this year. There are tables for up to 6 people. And now, to commemorate the opening of the patio, we are offering the 100 oz tower pitcher beer at 20% off until August 31st.



The back patio of RYUS is a space full of openness with bright sunlight in the daytime. For those who want to drink a little of something for a break or lunch, we are currently offering 3 sizes of beer at 20% off to commemorate the opening of the back patio as well, so please take this opportunity to try it! Furthermore, at night, it is lit up and the atmosphere changes, so recommended for any anniversary and dates.

It has been well received by many customers thanks to the fact that it has been talked about in various local media in Toronto. Overcoming difficult times, the city of Toronto has begun to regain its vitality and we have successfully opened a patio. We look forward to your visit!


[Grand Open – RYUS Back Patio]🍺

20% off the following products! Until 8/31
★100oz Tower Pitcher / $29.20
★Pitcher / $17.60
★Pint / $6.30
★Glass / $4.20 – (until 4pm)